Juwai Teer Result Today 15/01/2022 – TEER Result

Juwai Teer Result Today 15/01/2022 – TEER Result List

Juwai Teer Result Today

Today Juwai Teer Result ( 15/01/2022) TargetJuwai Morning Teer Result – Juwai Night Teer Result: Khasi Hills Archery Sports Federation Meghalaya Lotteries Department has released Juwai Teer Result today ( 15/01/2022). You can also view the Shillong Teer Results on this page. To check Juwai Teer results, contestants who purchased Juwai Teer tickets can refer to this article. We congratulate those who have bought tickets that match the JUWAI TEER result.

The game can be played twice daily, and there are two rounds. Every day, Juwai Teer results are announced at 1.45 and 2.45 pm.

Meghalaya Teer Result 13 January

The Juwai Teer lottery is viral in Meghalaya. The number of arrows determines this lottery game’s outcome. The popular game of Khasi Hills Archery Sports Association has two rounds. Juwai Teer lottery has 50 archers. They can shoot no more than 31 arrows during the first round and 20 in the second. The archer has 2 minutes to hit one round.

Juwai Teer ticket holders can view the Lucky Numbers for the 1st & 2nd rounds here. Each day, a lucky contestant wins this prize cash.

Juwai Teer Result: Live Updates Juwai TER (pronounced “Juwai Teer“) is a lottery game approved by the Meghalaya State Government. Khasi Hills Archery Sports Federation organizes it. Thirteen archery clubs play this sport. Juwai Teer, a legal sport, is covered by the Meghalaya Entertainment and Betting Tax Act.

Today Juwai Teer Result 15/01/2022
Teer Lottery Name Meghalaya State Lottery
Draw Name Juwai Teer.
First Prize Up to Rs. 1,00,000
Result date 13 January 2022
Result Timing
  • Moring Juwai Teer Result – 1.45 pm and 2.45 pm
  • Night Juwai Teer Result – 7.45 PM and 8.45 PM
Result Status Published

Juwai Teer Result

Date F/R (2:00) S/R (3:00)
13th January 2022 92 **
Juwai Teer Result
Date 1.45 PM 2.45 PM
13th January 2022 49 **
Juwai Morning Teer Result
Date F/R [ 13:31 AM] S/R  [13:31 AM]
7th December 2021 ** **

How to participate in Juwai Teer Lottery Game?

You will need to purchase a ticket to participate in the Juwai-TEER lottery game. It costs between Rs 1 and Rs 130. The number of arrows used in the Juwai-TEER lottery game determines the winner. The matchwinner is the participant who correctly guesses how many arrows were fired in each round.

Today Juwai Teer Result Timings:

Juwai Teer is played six days a week. Juwai Teer can be played from Monday through Saturday. Juwai Teer is not played on Sunday. Results for the Juwai-Teer lottery game are announced on weekdays at 1:15 pm and 2:15 pm.

The Polo Ground in Juwai hosts the archery session. In 13 districts of Meghalaya, there are over 5,000 Juwai Teer ticketing counters. Every day, ticket sales begin at 13:00 am (Monday through Saturday).